Ken Coffey, 60 years, C.E.O. of a Medical Company:

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Dr Glauber is an extraordinary surgeon and human being. As the CEO of a Medical Device Company, I know that the most critical things related to the success of major surgery are the Surgeon’s talent, expertise with the most advanced techniques, and years of experience. After researching every opportunity across the US and Europe, I decided to have Dr. Glauber perform my mitral valve repair surgery. I live in Ireland but decided to travel to Italy to have the surgery based upon his extraordinary reputation. I was delighted with the warmth, caring and complete attention that he gave me from our first (video) call. He and his fantastic staff guided me through the entire process, and he continually keeps up with my progress, answering the questions that come up along the journey. What also surprised and delighted me was the exceptional hospital and staff in Milan focused solely on cardiac conditions. Every person I interacted with was warm, caring, and patient (as I didn’t speak Italian!) to me and my wife, who joined me. Dr Glauber included my wife and family on the “journey” and made them feel calm and confident. I am now five weeks post-surgery, and because of the minimally invasive techniques he has developed, I am back to work and feel exceptional! He is not only a rare and gifted surgeon but cares deeply for his patients beyond the operating theatre!

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